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Portfolio of Completed Work :: Pipeline Video Inspections Conducted

Here are some of the Pipeline Video and Smoke Blower Inspection projects we have completed:

  • Hubbards Shopping Centre
    4 inch Plastic Electrical Conduit CCTV Pipeline Location Transmitter Receiver Tracing and Video Tape Services

  • Trinity Drive, Trinity Rider, Corridor, Woods Court, Barrett Drive, Danny Drive, Barrettwoods Estates, Sackville
    8 inch, 10 inch and 12 inch Pipeline Inspection Services
    Barrettwoods Estates, Sackville, and Ketch Harbour
    8 inch, 10 inch and 12 inch Pipeline Inspection Services

  • North Preston
    Smoke Blower Services 6500 metres 8 inch to 12 inch Sanitary Sewer Main Lines

  • Mic Mac Tavern
    Smoke Blower Sewer Gas Odour Investigation

  • CFAB Bedford Magazine
    Smoke Blower Services Sanitary Sewer Main Lines

  • Town of Annapolis Royal
    CCTV Pan & Tilt Camera 6-8 inch line video and line tracing location transmitter/receiver services

  • Municipality of the District of Lunenburg
    CCTV Video and Line Tracing Location Transmitter/Receiver Services of 4 inch to 8 inch Wastewater Lines

  • Glomar Oil Rig
    Borescope Video Inspection Work of Pressurized Air Bottles & Recesses

  • Bear River
    Well Video & Septic System Investigation

  • Mount Edward Road (Dartmouth)
    CCTV Sewer Line Inspection

  • Lucien Drive (Dartmouth)
    Sewer Line Blockage Location Video Inspection

  • Portland Street Superstore Mall
    Video Inspection & Pipe Location

  • Yarmouth Hospital
    Pipeline Video & Tracing Inspection

  • CFB Greenwood
    Manhole 55 to 56 Video Inspection

  • Citadel Hill National Historic Site
    Antique Artillery Cannon Barrel Video Inspection