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Job Site Preparation Checklists :: Dye Testing

Below is a list of things the seller and sellers agent for the property I am to be investigating need to confirm and have readily accessible for our testing. I prefer to have one-on-one conversation with client to discuss my services and fees to ensure there is no confusion of what service I will be providing with the associated fee. I am trying to ensure the client is getting the service they are asking for. I can get background information from them to ensure I am better prepared to fulfill their needs and what the site conditions are before arriving on location.

In order to conduct a visual of the dye exiting the septic tank to the septic field and/or the septic field pipeline inspection, the access cover at the end of the septic tank over the outlet pipe has to be dug up and removed, then gently put back in place by the seller or whoever digs up the tank. These covers have usually never been removed and are tightly sealed into place and difficult to remove, which is why they need to be removed before I come out.

When conducting a QP Qualified Non-Invasive Pre-Existing Septic Field Visual Inspection with Septic Dye Testing Service:

  • client needs to bring a camera to take photos of the dye if it appears so they have it for their records
  • make sure seller does not pump out septic tank before dye test is to be performed
  • if possible to verify dye is flowing out of the septic tank to the septic field have the seller dig up and remove the outlet cover over the tank to the septic field
  • dye needs to be in the system for a minimum of three days with samples collected on the third day if it is not observed during my one hour site visit, with monitoring by the client every 24 hours. My fee only includes the initial site visit.
  •  due to liability issues we do not remove septic tank covers; septic tank covers will need to be removed by the seller if the septic tank is to be inspected (probability of falling into septic tank)
  • Contact my office at the above numbers for Site Preparation Requirement Instructions!