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Radon Gas Investigation Services
C-NRPP ID 201643CRT Radon Certified 

If you live within the metropolitan area, Atlantic Water Investigations Limited, will conduct a short-term screening test which takes four days, for radon gas in air which includes:

  • travel to your place of accommodations
  • evaluate the accommodations and recommend a testing approach designed to make sure you get reliable results
  • explain how proper conditions can be maintained during the radon test
  • analyze and report measurement results
  • provide independent test result with no vested interest in sale of your building, selling of ventilation equipment or crack repairs
  • results in 4 days, 96 hours

Localities outside the metropolitan area, Atlantic Water Investigations Limited (mailout is an option) per monitor Atlantic Region wide for the short-term screening test for radon gas in air which includes:

  • mail delivery of the device to the building to be tested
  • simple installation instructions
  • reading and analysis of the results at its electret ion chamber reader facility
  • a mailed copy of the findings (after payment has been received)
  • results in five to seven days depending on mail service

For schools, commercial, community or municipal buildings, our prices for the above radon tests are reduced based on number of rooms and houses to be surveyed, length of time of survey, and whether the radon test is for air, soil or water. When you compare the prices, you will find that our company provides an excellent, inexpensive, economical and accurate short-term test, followed by a long term confirming test (optional), at a combined price which is less expensive than the one short-term test offered by our competitors. It costs you nothing to phone. So if anything, phone us for a comparable quote. We provide honest, independent test results.

Atlantic Water Investigations Limited is a professional radon gas surveying company, and we can confidently do radon gas testing in air on developed and undeveloped property. We have no vested interest in the sale of your building or property, selling ventilation systems or crack repairs. Once your building has been tested for radon gas, the next step will depend on the results from the test. Included as part of the testing, we provide complete interpretation of the results. You do not have to wait for a lab to do the test.

The best time of the year to test for indoor air radon gas is fall and winter, while the windows are closed up. 

Let us help you make your life environment more comfortable with peace of mind that the radon levels in your common living area are as low as practicable.

Please address all inquiries to : DEAN WALKER, M.A.Sc., P.Geo.

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