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Thermal Conductivity Testing

Deep Earth & Thermal Conductivity Heat of Rejection Direct Measurements Testing
For Ground Source Systems Design

  • Thermal Conductivity Testing is necessary to design a properly sized geothermal ground-loop heat exchanger
  • The thermal conductivity of the ground indicates how easily heat moves to and from the fluid in the ground loop
  • Inaccurate thermal conductivity estimates reduces system efficiency and leads to higher installation and operating costs

Why is Thermal Conductivity Testing Necessary?

  • It is the only way to properly assess the site-specific thermal conductivity of the earth which is essential to properly design a ground source heat-exchanger
  • Rather than estimating the thermal conductivity of the earth, the test provides a precise thermal conductivity value
  • It is recommended by ASHRAE procedures
  • It provides an accurate estimate of the cost of installation

Atlantic Water Investigations Limited offers:

  • Complete In-situ Thermal Conductivity Testing services
  • Installation and removal of testing equipment fully enclosed in a trailer
    • Full monitoring of 36 to 48 hour tests
    • Preparation of thermal conductivity graphs and Report
  • Use of the Geocube Thermal Conductivity Test Equipment
  • Use of Ewbank & Associates portable Thermal Conductivity Test Unit 
  • Ewbank & Associates Test Providers Test Providers