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Helpful Documents :: Company Policy

(Please sign and send back)

You are required to sign and date this policy page and e-mail or mail it back to our office granting release of the information to Atlantic Water Investigations Limited, in order for us to discuss the contents of our report or provide copies of our report to other parties (ie. your Realtor).

Our Cel Number is (902) 497-2922, E-Mail Address is, Mailing Address is Atlantic Water Investigations Limited, 482 Ponderosa Drive, Lake Echo, NS, B3E 1E3.

Once we have your permission, our hourly fee billed to other parties requiring clarification on information in our report, to compensate us for our time, knowledge and advice.

If we are talking to a client's lawyer, we have a consultation fee per telephone call with the client's lawyer, which will be billed to you, at our hourly rate. If we are subpoenaed to appear at discovery hearings, or in court, our consultation fee is based on our hourly rate from our office and return to our office for the first hour present at discovery or court each day/evening we are to attend, and waiting to appear in discovery, take the stand or when we are on the stand, plus expenses.

We do not retain information related to this project after one year. All documentation related to this project will be deleted from our system and any hard copy reports shredded after one year.


Client's Signature & Date Signed