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Helpful Documents :: Relocation Services Policy

As there is no list here in Nova Scotia of companies who can conduct well and septic registered with IRP, I have been instructed by IRP that the relocation client has to pay me up-front and the bill for reimbursement is covered by CORE (as long as the work is recommended in the Home Inspectors report). The amount the client is reimbursed depends on the Relocation Office and only if the work has been recommended in the Home Inspectors report.

In order for me to respond quickly to meet the short time frame of the purchase and sale agreement provided to the client; I strongly encourage you to have your Military or Government relocation clients get a letter in writing, not a verbal agreement from the Military or Government Relocation IRP representative, that they will be reimbursed for well and septic services, and the percentage they will be reimbursed, before contacting me to conduct the work, so that I can provide them with the level of service they can afford with no surprises. Make sure the Home Inspector will recommend the work in their report, otherwise the client will have a difficult time in making their claim.

If you require further clarification on this: