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Salt Water Well Profiling

Water Well Profiling Investigation Services

The purpose of the water well profiling investigation is to determine the depth of the suspected water bearing fracture zones and the conductivity concentration at the water bearing fracture zones, which will provide background information to be compared with at a later date and used during future investigations of the well.

A monitoring test is conducted using equipment provided by Atlantic Water Investigations Limited.
Equipment used is a Solinst Conductivity/Temperature Profiler, and Solinst Model 107 water level meter.

The Conductivity profiler is an excellent field tool for water quality monitoring to look for changes which can indicate water bearing fracture seams and potential seams which may be contributing to degradation in water quality due to iron, manganese, sodium, chloride, hardness.

  • Ideal for profiling conductivity and temperature
  • Fast response, easy to use
  • Rugged design

The Model 107 TLC Meter is ideal for profiling conductivity and temperature in wells and open water and for salt-water intrusion, contamination and salinity investigations. The TLC uses an "intelligent conductivity" sensor with platinum electrodes. The sensor is attached to 300 ft or 100 m SOLINST flat-tape, accurately marked every 1/100 ft or every millimeter, mounted on SOLINST reel.

The conductivity range is from 0-80,000 S/cm. Conductivity and temperature measurements are displayed on a rotating LCD screen on the face of the reel. Conductivity accuracy is 2% of reading from 100 to 80,000 S/cm. A light and buzzer are briefly activated when the zero point of the probe enters water. The depth to water and depth of displayed readings are read off the tape. The 9V alkaline battery is housed in an easy-access battery drawer and provides up to 90 hours of use.