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Qualified Individuals :: Groundwater Wells :: Introduction

Only the Holders of a Certificate of Qualification, issued by the Nova Scotia Department of the Environment can remove the cover from a well to conduct any inspection, testing, or well repair work, "inside a well". Use a qualified individual, (who is the holder of a Certificate of Qualification) who knows about:

  • wells and proper water sampling protocols
  • proper well disinfection procedures any time the cover from a well is removed to conduct any inspection, testing, or well repair work "inside a well"
  • proper procedures for conducting flow tests in drilled wells and dug wells for evaluating well flow

Improper work conducted by individuals who are not licensed or trained going onto a property they do not own and conducting work "for profit" can contaminate the well by removing the well cover and introducing equipment into the well or allowing substances to enter the well that has the probability of contaminating the open well.

Click here to view a list of NSE qualified companies or you can contact the department at (902) 424-7773.