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  Septic Systems
Pipe & Cable Locator Tracing

Flushable Transmitters and Radiodetection Transmitter/Receiver Line Locating Investigations

If there is no clean-out plug available and if owner of property does not want to remove the toilet or retain a plumber to remove the toilet, we have flushable transmitters (which we cannot retrieve) that can be used to locate the septic tank. Using the Pipe Inspection Locator provides quick and accurate location and depth measurement of the termination point of the flushable transmitter in non-metallic and cast iron lines, buried pipes and septic systems.

The transmitter sends a signal to the Pipe and Cable Locator with push button depth finder to receive the transmitter signal and locate cast iron pipe to a depth of 10 feet and plastic or clay pipe to 20 feet, using high tech digital technology. This equipment provides quick and accurate location and depth measurement of non-metallic and cast iron lines, buried pipes, cables, and septic systems to determine the condition of the wastewater line from the building to the septic tank/property line; septic tank to septic field. The color camera has a 512 hertz sonde transmitter located in the camera head. By knowing where a problem exists, a smaller area is disturbed during the repair process.

The combination video inspection and locator service provides the added advantage of seeing what the problem is as well as where it is located.