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Pan & Tilt Robotic Crawler Camera Colour Video Pipeline Inspection

Portable Pan and Tilt Color Camera Video Inspection System Features

Our sturdy, powerful, versatile portable inspection system design is unique, and was built with the operator in mind. Our system provides the power and capability of a truck with the portability of a person for mainline inspections. Those companies with a van, but find they sometimes cannot get to manholes in tight or distant places, then our system is the way to go there. For those weary with clumsy, multi-piece portable inspection systems, our system is the way to go. Our system is built from proven quality components, all conveniently integrated on a heavy-duty cart with large 10 inch pneumatic wheels for a smooth ride wherever you go, and includes a full keyboard to allow us to enter complete textual messages quickly. There are no compromises between the capabilities of a truck and our system, and nothing to carry along or leave behind. Where other portable inspection systems require the operator to stand with their back to the manhole while operating, our system turns this around for a safer position. This provides two great benefits. First, the operator no longer has to glance back and forth between the manhole and the monitor to do the inspection. Now, both can be viewed simultaneously, with the screen and manhole both in front. This reduces the risk of RSI (Repetitive Strain Injury) that can be common with this type of activity). Second, this design is far safer, and removes the risk of accidentally stepping backwards into an open manhole.

Our tractor and cable will transport and power our pan and tilt color (PTC-360) camera which will let you see what is going on-quickly and clearly. The PTC-360 provides excellent image quality and unparalleled maneuverability. Where most cameras require the operator to direct their every move, the PTC-360 is pre-programmed to conduct the most common scans at the touch of a button. Where most cameras need to be panned or rotated separately, the PTC-360 will do both motions simultaneously.

Mounted on linear bearings, the footage counter sends distance information directly to the screenwriter, which is then displayed on the monitor. You will always know where you are in the pipe, and distance information can automatically be stored on any video.

Unique Features of Our Portable Inspection System

  • Heavy duty aluminum & steel construction chassis
  • 10" Rugged pneumatic tires
  • Monitor sun shade
  • Integrated camera power supply
  • Precision footage counter
  • Pan & Tilt color camera
  • Integrated pan & tilt camera controls
  • 10" Flat panel LCD video monitor
  • Audio playback speaker
  • Omega screen writer
  • Transporter speed and direction controls
  • 600 feet Red Maxx video cable
  • Automatic cable freewheel clutch
  • Cleated chain transporter spreader and riser kit
    (6 inch to 30 inch diameter pipes)
  • Industrial powder coat finish
  • Fits through normal doorways
  • Latching flip-up keyboard tray
  • Integrated variable light power supply
  • Integrated voltage and current meters
  • 360 degree rotation, 270 degree tilt
  • Hi intensity external lights
  • Built-in audio recording microphone
  • High resolution DVD or SVHS VCR
  • Wireless microphone for audio on tape
  • Cleated chain transporter
  • Top Manhole Roller
  • Variable speed electric cable rewind
  • Tiger Tail cable guide

Push Type System with Built in 512 hertz sonde transmitter:

  • color camera system with 220 feet of push rod/video cable with reel and slip ring assembly and camera control unit
  • clear colour pictures in low light conditions video resolution coupled with a highly sensitive colour camera head (1.0 lux)
  • colour inspection coupled with 16 LED lights that can be used in 2 inch to 4 inch lines
    (6 inch to 20 inch lines with special camera skid housings)
  • on-screen five pages of free format text writing
  • video output to DVD or VCR

To keep our fees down you are responsible for:

  • confined space trained personnel and equipment, traffic control, 3000 watt or greater power supply for camera
  • manholes are to be dug up and covers removed and accessible to lower camera into
  • you will be required to provide assistance to install and retrieve camera
  • Municipal Services will be required to reduce flow in the lines
  • standby time will be billed in addition to the estimated rates
  • travel, meal, hotel expenses charged at cost